Rupertcaster Build 2

Here’s the body (or at least something very similar): Rockaudio PRE-DRILLED by Rockaudio. Includes neck mount, string through, and ferrule holes. (For use with a vintage style bridge) Pre-Routed to fit standard vintage Tele® style parts. 2 3/16″ neck pocket to fit all standard Allparts®, Warmoth®, Mightymite®, and Fender® American spec necks. High quality Mahogany wood.… Continue reading Rupertcaster Build 2

The Planets Song

What does this song have to do with work? Nothing! But also, everything! Not long ago my oldest daughter was learning about the planets. She had to memorize them in order staring with Mercury and ending with Neptune (and I still can’t help but want to stick Pluto in there–we all have some form of… Continue reading The Planets Song