Here is a list of links and stuff that doesn’t really fit on any other pages–a random junk drawer of things that I like.


I’ve very recently started writing for Software Developer’s Journal on a somewhat regular basis, and I hope to have an SDJ blog up soon. I’m presently working on articles on jQuery, WordPress, Interview Advice, and Making Mistakes. I have many ideas, all of which I hope to write about either in SDJ, my future SDJ blog, or right here (or all three). Being published and having an audience to read my work is an incredible thrill. I will post more details as they come.
Software Developer’s Journal: Do Not Flounder!
MDDI Online: My First Job Was Boring: Confessions of a Medical Software Engineer
MDDI Online: Best Practices for Design and Development of Software Medical Devices
MEDS Magazine: Continuous Integration of Software Medical Devices
Rupert Family Christmas Tree, 2009
Fort For Fitness Half Marathon, 2010 My PR for a half marathon. Very proud of this time! (my ‘playground’)


Youtube: The Myth of the Genius Programmer
TED Talks


Youtube: Maggie Demonstrates Arduino IR
Youtube: Reagan Demonstrates Arduino IR
Youtube: Rupert Christmas Tree, 2009
Doctor Mac


Youtube: Norm MacDonald Tweets on Letterman
ebaum’s: Norm MacDonald Moth Joke on Conan
Bat Fight
Zach Galifianakis: Between Two Ferns
SNL: Dateline


(In no particular order…)
This American Life
Norm Macdonald
Jeff Garlin
How Stuff Works
The Ben Heck Show
Mark Maron
Tom Green Radio
5 by 5
Comedy Bang Bang
Brain Stuff
Dave Ramsey, The EntreLeadership Podcast
Scientific American: 60-Second Mind
Scientific American: 60-Second Health
Freakonomics Radio
Still Untitled: Adam Savage
How Stuff Works: Car Stuff
How Stuff Works: The Stuff of Genius
How Stuff Works: Techstuff
How Stuff Works: Stuff you Missed in History Class
Grammar Girl
Inside Creative Writing
TWiT: Know How
Stuff to Blow Your Mind



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