There are so many stud sensors available in the market to buy from which can help you in removing the studs behind the walls that are already built. One of the trusted websites that provide honest reviews of stud sensors is I read their reviews and picked two reliable stud finders that I’m going to introduce later in this article.

This tool works quite simply, thanks to the internal magnet which is present in stud finders and it is capable of detecting if the metal it has identified is either unwanted or any electron wiring and located the position of the metal to as near as possible. This will also help you in keeping yourself at a safe distance from the electric wiring if any and can also skip the probability of getting an electric shock due to your stud finder detecting the electric wire.

Zircon MultiScanner i520 – Center Finding Stud

This stud finder is basically the scanner with the multiple surfaces and the slumber of modes is 4 which is used to detect the studs, metal, and even the live AC wiring. This will eventually assist you in finding the studs in more numbers and more quickly and also keeping the walls of your residential home or any building safe from any hazardous situation. There are two modes in total that locate the edges of the wood or the metal such as the StudScan and DeepScan and are also experts in locating its center as well as in its directions. The non – ferrous material which is a copper pipe and the ferrous material as such the rebar is always found by the metal scan mode. And there is another Scan mode also which is an AC Scan mode used to find and detect the traces live, electrical AC wires that are not at all shielded.

Precision Sensors ProFinder

This stud finder is popular because of its battery quality as it provides the battery power for about 9V and must be new and fully charged in order to run the LCD screen powerfully. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that you do not keep it idle as just like a phone if it is not used for long hours then its better life can get affected and it will quickly drain out and just like that the quality of your product will drown into the failing point. In case, if you are facing any problem in the working odds your product then you can go for the option of changing and replacing the old battery with a new one so that you regain the more power and it is cent percent guarantee that this will make your product to run powerfully like it was used when it was new.


You must buy a stud finder which has given its priority of quality to its accuracy rate and more the accuracy rate will be, more it will be in the list of consideration. We highly hope that this review might have helped you in getting the best stud finder for your residential home or even any building to get rid of the stud.