Fiber to Wake Forest Residents (Hopefully)

Wake Forest: Public Meeting Sheds Light on ‘Fiber to the Forest’ Pre-registration Hopefully many people show interest and this can actually happen soon. Advertisements

Some Random Links

Swift — Not really new news by now, but I’m looking forward to having some time to tinker with it. Chordify — Give it an mp3 or URL, see chords, play along. Really cool. Oracle vs. Google vs. Java — This is still going on? Why Choose Jenkins (over Hudson) Browser Usage Statisics — Chrome… Continue reading Some Random Links

What’s The Value of College?

Not long ago I found myself working alongside a brilliant college dropout–A young junior programmer who was just plain gifted when it came to software development. I was very surprised that he hadn’t completed a degree of any kind. It made me wonder why I had, without much consideration, put such high value on a… Continue reading What’s The Value of College?

High Output = High Output of Defects Too (So go easy on ’em!)

We all know that software defects are pretty much inevitable. (Right?) A bad developer may produce a fraction as many defects of a great developer. I’m guessing Linux Torvalds has written more bugs that I could write in my entire career… And yet, to say that this means I am a better software developer would… Continue reading High Output = High Output of Defects Too (So go easy on ’em!)

SSH User Annoyance & Solution

I’m in an environment where whenever I ssh to a machine I have a different username than that of my main machine. For example, the username on my desktop of “Some.Desktop.User,” whereas all the Linux environments I ssh to use the username “Some.Linux.User.” I’ve typed “ssh <host>” countless times, only to be annoyed when I… Continue reading SSH User Annoyance & Solution

Obligatory Social Media Advice to the ‘Younguns”

I’ve seen a few good posts and articles that make attempts to explain to young ladies—teens and preteens—the consequences of their posts online. Many of these are very good, with many great points. This is my own attempt. Don’t get me wrong: I love social media. I’m a fan. Thirteen to eighteen can be strange… Continue reading Obligatory Social Media Advice to the ‘Younguns”

Where’s the Alternative OS?

As much as I love Linux (Fedora is my distro of choice), I remain frustrated that no company–at least none that I know of–is doing much to really compete with Windows or Apple. Linux, in my humble opinion, as a desktop OS, remains something usable by the few who enjoy getting their hands dirty with… Continue reading Where’s the Alternative OS?