Freakonomics, Regulate This!

Some people create and innovate, some people follow the innovators, and some do everything they can to keep innovation down. This is a great episode of Freakonomics Radio. Freakonomics Radio: Regulate This!  Advertisements

SSH User Annoyance & Solution

I’m in an environment where whenever I ssh to a machine I have a different username than that of my main machine. For example, the username on my desktop of “Some.Desktop.User,” whereas all the Linux environments I ssh to use the username “Some.Linux.User.” I’ve typed “ssh <host>” countless times, only to be annoyed when I… Continue reading SSH User Annoyance & Solution

No Rock Stars Either!

Speaking of the “Ninja Programmer” silliness, I stumbled about this ad today. Ug. If you’re company is looking for a “Rock Star Programmer,” you may be misunderstanding a great deal.

No Ninjas!

Many of us have seen them: The job posts claiming to be seeking a “Ninja Programmer.” I presume that these are companies that are: Looking for a well-versed candidate with diverse skills and the ability to tackle any project. A candidate that will find more value in the way he/she is perceived than salary. (Reading… Continue reading No Ninjas!

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! I’ll be celebrating by eating too much, watching fireworks, and staying up late to work on a new article for SDJ!

RedHat/Downtown Raleigh

RTP is cool and all, but, honestly, there’s lots of space around here, and we don’t all need to be driving the same direction.  I’d love to see more companies build in downtown Raleigh. Hopefully the RedHat move gives it a kick-start. NewsObserver: Red Hat workers bring energy to new downtown Raleigh headquarters