Interview Advice

I’ve been on countless interviews, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, but I’ve learned how to interview well. It took a while to figure it out, but I’ve learned that interviewing isn’t difficult. On the contrary, if you are focused and willing to… Continue reading Interview Advice


Like all software engineers that I’ve ever met, I have a few other interests. One of those is writing (although I argue that the ability to write, and to do so well is an important skill in the life of a software developer). My favorite book about writing fiction is Stephen King’s On Writing. He’s… Continue reading Writing

Staying Current

During nearly ever job interview I’ve ever had, on the phone or face-to-face, I’ve been asked some form of the question, “How do you keep your experience current?” Sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) this is asked by someone who seems impressed that I have such knowledge on a fair amount of “new stuff.” More often this… Continue reading Staying Current

The care and feeding of software engineers – Link

I really like and agree with this article:

The Software Glass Ceiling: Software Management

The Peter Principle says, basically, that people are promoted until reaching a level of incompetence. I think the reverse of this can be true as well: An employee may not be promoted because he or she performs very well in a given role. This is just me talking, but I think there are a few… Continue reading The Software Glass Ceiling: Software Management

The Software Glass Ceiling: Career Path?

This is a somewhat old article (2006), but it eludes to something that I have found a bit bothersome about attitudes regarding software engineering career paths. I recently interviewed for a Business Analyst position with the CIO of a large multi-national software development firm. This man was in charge of the company’s worldwide IT operations,… Continue reading The Software Glass Ceiling: Career Path?

You Need a Personal Wiki

I recently decided to start a personal Wiki. I decided to do this, partially, not only because wanted to mess around with Github, but more importantly, because I often find myself spending a lot of time figuring things out only to forgot the issue a year later when having the same problem. I highly recommend… Continue reading You Need a Personal Wiki