Obligatory Social Media Advice to the ‘Younguns”

I’ve seen a few good posts and articles that make attempts to explain to young ladies—teens and preteens—the consequences of their posts online. Many of these are very good, with many great points. This is my own attempt. Don’t get me wrong: I love social media. I’m a fan. Thirteen to eighteen can be strange… Continue reading Obligatory Social Media Advice to the ‘Younguns”

“New Math”

I’ve heard about new math for a long time now, but only recently have I been impacted by it. This evening I was attempting to help my daughter with division homework. The best way to explain the frustration we both endured is with an example. New doesn’t always mean improved. Old ways of doing things… Continue reading “New Math”

Cutest Text Ever

Not long after my daughters got iPod Touches for Christmas (from their grandparents), I received this text message from my youngest. It’s difficult to get your sister in trouble when being so unintentionally cute.

Doctor Mac

My grandfather was, in a number of ways, larger than life. He was physically large–a massive man with a huge belly and equally huge appetite (an appetite which I seem to have inherited, and battle by running). His involvement in the lives of many people was even larger–He was very well respected by the folks… Continue reading Doctor Mac

The Planets Song

What does this song have to do with work? Nothing! But also, everything! Not long ago my oldest daughter was learning about the planets. She had to memorize them in order staring with Mercury and ending with Neptune (and I still can’t help but want to stick Pluto in there–we all have some form of… Continue reading The Planets Song

Tire Swing

When my family and I first moved to North Carolina, we were fascinated by something that we didn’t have in Illinois: Trees. BIG ONES! Huge, tall trees right there in our back yard! It was like living in a forest. My children immediately wanted me to build some sort of tree fort. And as much… Continue reading Tire Swing