Computer Programming, High School

To argue thatĀ computer programming should be a required high school courseĀ is absurd. But I’ve learned that many high schools still don’t offer any kind of computer programming/computer science classes. This is surprising to me, because even my high school, a mostly rural school with children of blue collar families and farmers, offered Computer Programming I… Continue reading Computer Programming, High School

On Publishing and Writing and Documenting

Reading I was telling my daughter the other evening that it is important to know how to spell, and just as important to know how to write (and write well). She’s going into 5th grade, so such a lecture may be a bit premature. No worries. This lecture will be a repetitive one. As I… Continue reading On Publishing and Writing and Documenting

What’s The Value of College?

Not long ago I found myself working alongside a brilliant college dropout–A young junior programmer who was just plain gifted when it came to software development. I was very surprised that he hadn’t completed a degree of any kind. It made me wonder why I had, without much consideration, put such high value on a… Continue reading What’s The Value of College?

Working Oneself Out of a Career

This is going to be a tough question, and I suspect many won’t like the anwer. Are you working yourself out of a career? If this question confuses you, chances are you are doing just this. Perhaps you’re the main guy or gal on your project, and your company values your work (for now). What… Continue reading Working Oneself Out of a Career

Coding Horror/The Software Career

I don’t like to just post links to another blog or article. Anyone can do that, and there are far too many blogs out there that create no original content. So I try to write original thoughts and articles. That said, sometimes this is a rule worth breaking. Jeff Atwood has a great post over… Continue reading Coding Horror/The Software Career

Where Are the Females?

I have an idea for an article, but I’m not entirely sure how to approach. It’s a subject that I believe some have written about, but as a male, it isn’t a subject that I have given much though to until recently: Where are all the female software engineers? I suppose the only reason I’ve… Continue reading Where Are the Females?

The (un)Healthy Developer (Part 1)

Assertion #1: You may not like me. (Not immediately.) My Fellow Software Developers, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Leaders, Quality Assurance Analysts… Whatever your job title (and whatever your real role, as a job title says little). I have a prediction: You will either read this article and agree wholeheartedly or read this article and take offense.… Continue reading The (un)Healthy Developer (Part 1)