Java “Losing its Mojo?” I Think Not!

Wired has an article titled Is Java Losing Its Mojo? While the article seems to contradict itself in some ways, I have to take issue with the general theme. As someone who pays attention, I simply haven’t seen this happening. On the contrary–It seems to me that Java continues to grow. Just peruse the job… Continue reading Java “Losing its Mojo?” I Think Not!

Java 8/Lambas

ZeroTurnaround has a post about lamba expressions in Java 8 with some examples. Really cool. That last time I even really heard of a lambda expression was in college while briefly learning Lisp. Lambda expressions can be tried out now for anyone wishing to take a look. I’ll be trying it out when I have… Continue reading Java 8/Lambas

C Overtakes Java in 2012

Interesting. I was surprised to see man of the entries on the list, especially MATLAB.

The Diamond Problem

The Diamond Problem “Fun” with multiple inheritance: Multiple inheritance – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Programmer Interview: What is the diamond problem? Does it exist in Java? (nope)

Apache Commons Configuration with JBoss 5

Here’s a problem that frustrated me for a bit: When using Apache Commons Configuration under JBoss 5, I kept running into the following error when attempting to save to my configuration file (which was a resource under the deployed /classes path): ERROR [org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[jboss.web].[localhost].[/xxxx].[xxxx]] (http- Servlet.service() for servlet flint threw exception protocol doesn’t support output… Continue reading Apache Commons Configuration with JBoss 5