Tinkering With Java Stream()

package test; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collections; import java.util.List; import java.util.Random; import java.util.stream.Collectors; /** * * @author matthew.rupert */ public class Test { private static DoStuff stuff; private static List a; private static class MyCoolClass implements Comparable{ int value; MyCoolClass(int value) { this.value=value; } public int getValue() { return value; } public void add(int x) {… Continue reading Tinkering With Java Stream()

With CoreOS, developers can now easily spin up Docker containers on DigitalOcean

Originally posted on Gigaom:
DigitalOcean will announce Friday that it is now supporting Linux OS specialist CoreOS, giving developers an easier way to deploy Docker containers on its platform. Users will now have the option to choose CoreOS as the base image that acts as the foundation for spinning up new servers; all a user…

Some Random Links

Swift — Not really new news by now, but I’m looking forward to having some time to tinker with it. Chordify — Give it an mp3 or URL, see chords, play along. Really cool. Oracle vs. Google vs. Java — This is still going on? Why Choose Jenkins (over Hudson) Browser Usage Statisics — Chrome… Continue reading Some Random Links

High Output = High Output of Defects Too (So go easy on ’em!)

We all know that software defects are pretty much inevitable. (Right?) A bad developer may produce a fraction as many defects of a great developer. I’m guessing Linux Torvalds has written more bugs that I could write in my entire career… And yet, to say that this means I am a better software developer would… Continue reading High Output = High Output of Defects Too (So go easy on ’em!)

Code Puzzles

This is kind of fun… In a very software nerd way. StackExchange: Programming Puzzles and Code Golf

WordPress From Scratch

I just submitted my next article to SDJ. This one is tentatively titled WordPress From Scratch, and it is quite large. Look for it in the next issue! Software Developer’s Journal

A Nicer Tab Autocomplete

If you, like me, rely on tab completion at the command line in Linux or MacOS to help find things for you, it can be annoying when it doesn’t. If you’ve entered a lowercase where the filename has an uppercase, or if there are multiple possible files (in which case double-tab prompts for “show all… Continue reading A Nicer Tab Autocomplete