Rupertcaster Build 2

Here’s the body (or at least something very similar):


PRE-DRILLED by Rockaudio. Includes neck mount, string through, and ferrule holes. (For use with a vintage style bridge)

  • Pre-Routed to fit standard vintage Tele® style parts.
  • 2 3/16″ neck pocket to fit all standard Allparts®, Warmoth®, Mightymite®, and Fender® American spec necks.
  • High quality Mahogany wood.
  • Pre-Drilled channels for wires and output jack.
  • 1 3/4″ thickness to accept a full size tremolo.
  • Weight – approximately 4.6 lbs.

The general consensus on forums and from friends I have asked is NO on the belly/tummy cut. The original Telecasters never had the belly cut (as seen here). I can’t find when it was first introduced on the American Fender Tele (as best as I can tell some time around 2012, perhaps), but I’m sure people have been doing their own custom cuts for many years. It doesn’t seem too difficult to do (example), but I think I’m in agreement. For this build I am going to do with no belly cut. I can always do it later if I decided I want it after all. I may round the corners a bit more than usual, but in general I plan on sticking with the standard shape.

Hopefully the body arrives tomorrow. I think the hard part will be forcing myself to take it slow. It’s All About the Belly Cut