Since SDJ tweeted it today, I suppose it’s okay to announce… I’m pretty excited to have a regular column appearing in Software Developer’s Journal. My first column will contain an introduction–who I am, what I do, and what I hope to write about. Along with it, there will be a column on interview advice, including things that this formerly shy-guy has learned over the years, but as a candidate and as the guy on the other side of the table–the one asking the questions. It is advice that I think is good regardless of one’s career. That said, most of my articles will focus on the life side of software development. While some of my articles will be more technical, I hope to include many that have to do with other aspects of being a software developer. A few ideas for future articles include topics such as how to deal with recruiters, office politics, fitness, and the software glass ceiling.

While I’ve published a number of articles now, and countless blog posts, it will be a new adventure to working on a monthly deadline. I think it will be fun, as writing is something I’ve always loved doing. Having a published outlet for my writing is thrilling. I’m very thankful to SDJ for this opportunity!

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