Mac Startup Chime/Badfinger’s Day After Day

The other day I had an epiphany. Okay, epiphany may be a bit of a strong word for this little discovery, but I did suddenly realize why I often get the song Day After Day by Badfinger stuck in my head many mornings at work. It all has to do with the first note of that song and the startup chime on my Macbook. So I created this video to help solve the mystery. And since I created it, I might as well share it. Sure, it’s of little consequence, and probably a big waste of time, but a little curiosity never killed anyone (except for some cat, apparently). I also spent some time reading about the difference between might as well and may as well. It’s pretty much commonly accepted that they mean the same, although some people nitpick and claim a difference. Happy Friday!

Mac Chime/Badfinger Day After Day comparison