The World’s First Web Site

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 8.16.31 AMHere is the world’s first web page.

Much has changed, and much hasn’t.

We are still making HTML do things it was never designed to do. But we’ve done some pretty cool stuff with it.



2 thoughts on “The World’s First Web Site

  1. yeh pretty b****y amazing isn’t it. I remember dreaming of stuff like the internet or satellite zooming from above the earth when I was a kid with my brother, never in a million years thinking any of it would come true. Still waiting for the time machines and hyper space drive spaceships though……Incredible!

  2. It almost feels like I was there. There wasn´t many pictures on the internet when I started using it, and if I came a cross any I hated it. My modem couldn´t cope with all that data ;) Times they are-a-changin´, and I guess that`s a good thing :)

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