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MediaHuman: YouTube to MP3I’ve gotta plug this tool: MediaHuman Youtube to MP3. A while back a friend sent me a link to a video of this guy, Shakey Graves, playing a song called Late July. I immediately loved the song, as well as all the other Shakey Graves songs I found on YouTube, and I purchased both of the albums that the artist has for sale. He is a fantastic guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

I was disappointed, however, that I could not find some of the versions that appear on YouTube. The YouTube to MP3 coverter (free), works on both Mac and Windows, and makes it extremely easy to convert the audio from a video to an MP3. It even ignores the ads (if an add appears before the video). Now I am happily listening to all of the great music Shakey Graves has available. “Mr. Graves,” if you’re reading this, I welcome the opportunity to buy all of your music!

Shakey Graves


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