Love My Macbook

I’ve been developing solely on a Macbook Pro for about 6 months now. I can honestly say that it has increased my productivity considerably… I can’t imagine going back.


3 thoughts on “Love My Macbook

  1. A number of things:
    1. The retina display–So easy on the eyes even with tiny text. I can fit more on my desktop.
    2. Desktop switching is a breeze… As a programmer I have about 20 windows open at any given time.
    3. Its Unix, and I spend most of my time in Linux/Unix. I can build, run and test natively. No need to swtich to a VM all the time.
    4. The solid state hard drive is SUPER FAST.
    5. This one is hard to describe, but it is just plain comfortable. From the keyboard to the UI, everything about it seems much easier physically.
    6. The touch pad motions make everything easier, from zooming to scrolling to switching windows and desktops. I don’t even use a mouse anymore.
    7. I’m not interrupted by constant software updates.
    8. Fewer application crashes–if any. I spent way too much time in Windows restarting programs or rebooting. My Macbook hasn’t been rebooted in weeks.

    All said, its just plain fun to work on!

    1. Reminds me of working on my Sun Sparc station in the late 80s and early 90s Matt. My coding was pretty much limited of unix shell scripts but it was a lot of fun. Hard to beat the vi editor.

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