Like all software engineers that I’ve ever met, I have a few other interests. One of those is writing (although I argue that the ability to write, and to do so well is an important skill in the life of a software developer).

My favorite book about writing fiction is Stephen King’s On Writing. He’s the modern master–even his critics must admit as much–And this book is full of great advice.

Of course, The Elements of Style is ABSOLUTELY required. This book should be on the desk of anyone who writes.

Just last night I discovered a fantastic book on Amazon, and I purchased it because of the negative reviews. It had many 5-star reviews, of course, but a good many 1-star reviews decried the author as filthy and crude. I was sold!

The book: 250 Things You Should Know About Writing, by Chuck Wendig. At just 99 cents on the Kindle, it was well worth it. I read most of it in one sitting, and will read it again.