The GOTO Guy

I recently started a new position with a new employer, and in so doing I went from being the token goto guy for everything software development related to working with several of the best software engineers I have ever worked with. At first this can seem intimidating, and there is certainly a degree of comfort in feeling like the “best” software engineer at the company. However, the complacency that can come from being the “lead guru” is not good for one’s career path.

The greatest leaps in learning and growing in a career come from being challenged by others with more experience and greater skills. So its good to be working with really, really smart people–ones who push me to learn things that I may not be pushed to learn otherwise.


4 thoughts on “The GOTO Guy

  1. I felt that way when our group was assimilated by Bell Labs. All of a sudden I did not feel so superior. It was a great move and I loved working for the Labs. Best wishes with the new position Matt!

  2. Your last paragraph is exactly my way of life.
    No matter whether it is job/career related, or anything else. I have a natural hunger for knowledge that sometimes borders on obsession, when I focus on researching something. It goes as far as even writing down when I hear or see something I don’t know, so I can look it up.
    I enjoy the company of people that are intelligent and possess knowledge greater than my own in various subjects. When I don’t know or don’t understand something, I ask with interest for it to be explained or shown to me. Very rarely I get rejected for not knowing, but rather am welcomed to learn.
    It is very invigorating to be among people that pursue the same goal. To shoot ideas back and forth and to learn from each other. Sometimes the ones that are deemed to be the most experienced and knowing in a specific area benefit greatly from someone asking questions, which more often than not open doors previously locked or not seen.
    In my opinion this is exactly how progress works. If we would only learn the things others have learned before us without questioning them or throwing in an idea of our own to see what happens, then we’d stand still and grow stagnant.

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