What Every *GOOD* Developer Should Know: Quality Assurance

I’m currently reading “The Clean Coder,” and Robert Martin puts emphasis on the importance of software engineers incorporating QA practices into their regular work much better than I can. Here are a few quotes of his on the subject:

“Software is too complex to create without bugs. Unfortunately that doesn’t let you off the hook. The human body is too complex to understand in its entirety, but doctors still take an oath to do no harm. If they don’t take themselves off a hook like that, how can we?”

“Some folks use QA as the bug catchers. They send them code that they haven’t thoroughly checked. They depend on QA to find the bugs and report them back to the developers.  Indeed, some companies reward QA based on the number of bugs they find. The more bugs, the greater the reward.”

“…So automate your tests. Write unit tests that you can execute on a moment’s notice, and run those tests as often as you can.”

I am really enjoying this book. Its a fun and easy ready.

[Amazon: The Clean Coder]