Wikibook: CI for Software Medical Devices

I’ve started a Wikibook, and I welcome any contributors: CI for Software Medical Devices. [Wikibooks] Advertisements

Why I Dislike the @author Annotation

Here’s why I LOVE the @author annotation (in Javadoc comments): It makes me look really good having my name on tons of code. It shows that I am a high-output engineer. Here’s why I HATE the @author annotation: It implies some sort of ownership of a method, class or package to the rest of the… Continue reading Why I Dislike the @author Annotation

Tabs vs. Spaces

[Coding Horror: Death to the Space Infidels] [Joel on Software Forum: Tabs or Spaces?] [Why I Love Tabs] [Why I Prefer NO Tabs] [The Tabs vs. Spaces Holy War] [Revisiting Tabs and Spaces] [Rizzoweb: Tabs vs. Spaces] [Tabs vs. Spaces: The End of the Debate!] The list goes on and on…

A Bidirectional Add-To-List Mistake

Here’s a somewhat real-world example of a bad coding practice. When setting up bidirectional relationships, its important to remember that the add methods for adding to a list that results in a one-to-many and many-to-one relationship set the parent/child relationship in both directions. To make life simple, I like to provide a couple of different… Continue reading A Bidirectional Add-To-List Mistake

Is there ever a reason NOT to use an Artificial Primary Key?

I found this post on the subject of choosing a primary key. While Java Persistence Annotations allow us to use any field we want as a primary key (as long as it is naturally unique), is there a good reason to use anything that is not a surrogate/artificial primary key? There are plenty of fine… Continue reading Is there ever a reason NOT to use an Artificial Primary Key?

Valuable Unit Tests in a Software Medical Device, Part 9

I thought I was done, but here is yet another good reason to incorporate complex function automated testing: Validation of multiple Java runtime environments. Fabrizio Giudici proposes this as a solution for testing with Java 7, but we can always take it a step further, verifying multiple OS environments as well. Of course, this requires… Continue reading Valuable Unit Tests in a Software Medical Device, Part 9

Where Do Hibernate Transactions Fit In?

I recently got into a discussion on where Hibernate transactions should be placed in the scope of DAO logic. Some people have a desire to begin and end a transaction inside a DAO method. This is really a question of unit of work, and not scope of the DAO. Let’s say we have a single… Continue reading Where Do Hibernate Transactions Fit In?