EHRs on iPad

A brief article over at Medical Electronics Design Magazine points out that doctors, while they are loving iPads, have yet to fully embrace them for use with electronic health record systems. It seems simple enough, given the fact that many EHRs are now web-based, or at least have some sort of web-based UI.

The article ends with this question:

If fancy tablets aren’t doing the trick, what will it take to get doctors to embrace EHRs?

I suspect its just has to do with the fact that iPads are new and many doctors still have expensive computers (expensive because of support and installation agreements) computers in each room. Its difficult to give up on something that cost a lot of money. Remember the pain you felt throwing your old Gateway 486 computer in the trash?

I have yet to see a doctor walk into the room with an iPad in hand. I was very impressed that my new dentist had iMacs and had gone digital with his x-rays. I was far less impressed by the old cracked filling that I had to have replaced.

[MED: Doctors Don’t Use iPads for EHRs]