.NET on a Resume a Libability?

The CEO of Expensify wrote a post on the company’s blog about why he considers .NET experience on a resume to be a general liability. Wow. I can’t say that I agree, but there are some interesting points. I have been known to think of Windows developers as somehow having less experience, but this is probably more of a personal bias than anything. Many great developers work in .NET because they have no choice.

[Expensify Blog: Why We Don’t Hire .NET Developers] (ouch!)


3 thoughts on “.NET on a Resume a Libability?

  1. Wow, after doing both Java and .NET, he makes some good points. With Java, we’d get into the nuts and bolts of XML parsing. With .NET, its all abstracted away from you.

  2. I couldn’t help but notice your Blogroll on the right which lists Coding Horror and Joel on Software. I would venture to say that, by most accounts, both writers of those blogs are great .NET developers. Do you reckon they have no choice on the platform or language they use for development?

  3. I agree with you Jonas–A great developer is a great developer no matter what the language. If I was writing software strictly in a Windows NT/Windows desktop environment and/or I had to use IIS, there is no question that I would use .NET.

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