Ruby and NetBeans Part Ways

(Rather, Oracle drops Ruby support.)

This is unfortunate. While many people use Eclipse and don’t worry about Netbeans, I actually prefer it. I suppose I’ll have to make the transition to Eclipse for once and for all.

The founder of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, said in an email that he was “not surprised” by the NetBeans move. “I never came across anyone using NetBeans for Rails. Everyone I talk to uses TextMate, VIM, or Emacs. Full-fledged IDEs are not all that popular in the Rails world,” Hansson said.

Hey, I like VIM as much as the next geek, but a solid IDE for Ruby/Rails is something that is still very nice to have.

I really did like it better when Sun owned Java. Now I think everyone is starting to really wonder about the future of Java with Oracle ownership. Oracle may find that since they cannot charge for Java it isn’t worth keeping, and simply let go of it (we already have Open JDK, which is perhaps one step in that direction.

[Network World: NetBeans IDE drops Ruby on Rails backing]