The Software Glass Ceiling: Software Management

The Peter Principle says, basically, that people are promoted until reaching a level of incompetence. I think the reverse of this can be true as well: An employee may not be promoted because he or she performs very well in a given role. This is just me talking, but I think there are a few… Continue reading The Software Glass Ceiling: Software Management

The Software Glass Ceiling: Career Path?

This is a somewhat old article (2006), but it eludes to something that I have found a bit bothersome about attitudes regarding software engineering career paths. I recently interviewed for a Business Analyst position with the CIO of a large multi-national software development firm. This man was in charge of the company’s worldwide IT operations,… Continue reading The Software Glass Ceiling: Career Path?

Subversion Authentication Using Unix Accounts

Standard Subversion authentication using plain text user settings and passwords in the passwd and authz files in the Subversion conf directory. This is all fine for a very small installation on a localhost, but it doesn’t work very well in a work environment. Alternatively, SVN can be set up to use LDAP authentication. That’s okay… Continue reading Subversion Authentication Using Unix Accounts

Subversion Authentication Using Unix Creds

Here‘s a simple way to configure Subversion to authenticate¬† a user using Unix credentials (through http) with Apache, pwauth and mod_authnz_external. Its not really rocket science, and its not anything that others aren’t already doing (the post is over 3 years old), but it certainly is useful. I like authenticating Subversion users in this way… Continue reading Subversion Authentication Using Unix Creds

Redmine Forked (ChiliProject)

Oh boy. Redmine has been forked now? There are many, many comments here, which I’ll be reading through. I’m a fan of Redmine, and I fully intend to continue using it. There are certainly a number of alternatives out there, but the appeal of Redmine is that it is widely used, and as such, all… Continue reading Redmine Forked (ChiliProject)

Jenkins CI Thoughts

I got a laugh out of a link I saw on the Jenkins CI page today: “Upgrading from Hudson?” Of course, I’ll be using Jenkins going forward, as it appears that most people in the community are already heading this direction (because Jenkins IS the real Hudson). Comparing the Jenkins CI change log to the… Continue reading Jenkins CI Thoughts