Rupertcaster Build 2

Here’s the body (or at least something very similar): Rockaudio PRE-DRILLED by Rockaudio. Includes neck mount, string through, and ferrule holes. (For use with a vintage style bridge) Pre-Routed to fit standard vintage Tele® style parts. 2 3/16″ neck pocket to fit all standard Allparts®, Warmoth®, Mightymite®, and Fender® American spec necks. High quality Mahogany wood.… Continue reading Rupertcaster Build 2

Rupertcaster Build

I’ve considered building a guitar for a long time now. I play bass and acoustic, but I’m not much of an electric guitar player (that is to say, I can play an electric the way I play an acoustic, and that’s not very cool). My guitar teacher recently picked up a really cool American Standard… Continue reading Rupertcaster Build

Tinkering With Java Stream()

package test; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collections; import java.util.List; import java.util.Random; import; /** * * @author matthew.rupert */ public class Test { private static DoStuff stuff; private static List a; private static class MyCoolClass implements Comparable{ int value; MyCoolClass(int value) { this.value=value; } public int getValue() { return value; } public void add(int x) {… Continue reading Tinkering With Java Stream()

With CoreOS, developers can now easily spin up Docker containers on DigitalOcean

Originally posted on Gigaom:
DigitalOcean will announce Friday that it is now supporting Linux OS specialist CoreOS, giving developers an easier way to deploy Docker containers on its platform. Users will now have the option to choose CoreOS as the base image that acts as the foundation for spinning up new servers; all a user…

Freakonomics, Regulate This!

Some people create and innovate, some people follow the innovators, and some do everything they can to keep innovation down. This is a great episode of Freakonomics Radio. Freakonomics Radio: Regulate This! 

Computer Programming, High School

To argue that computer programming should be a required high school course is absurd. But I’ve learned that many high schools still don’t offer any kind of computer programming/computer science classes. This is surprising to me, because even my high school, a mostly rural school with children of blue collar families and farmers, offered Computer Programming I… Continue reading Computer Programming, High School

On Publishing and Writing and Documenting

Reading I was telling my daughter the other evening that it is important to know how to spell, and just as important to know how to write (and write well). She’s going into 5th grade, so such a lecture may be a bit premature. No worries. This lecture will be a repetitive one. As I… Continue reading On Publishing and Writing and Documenting