siderI decided it would be a good idea to start recording some my thoughts, observations and efforts on a blog. This is that blog.

I’ve been writing software now for, well, many years, and its something I enjoy doing. I also like to run, attempt to play guitar and spend time with my family. Very recently I was asked to do a column for Software Developer’s Journal (working title Developer@Life). I’m excited to have the opportunity to write to a greater audience. More details on this to come.

Matthew Rupert
(919) 491-9944

MD+DI Magazine, June 2011 Contributors
Rupert Photography


Kandi Rupert

Kandice Kasper

Kandi Kasper

Kandice Rupert

kandice rupert

matthew rupert

matt rupert
kandi rupert
kandice jill rupertWrightsville Beach
matthew t rupert
matthew rupert
matt rupert
matt rupert, north carolina
kandi kasper

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